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Elevating the angling experience by offering high-quality, contemporary fly fishing gear that allows anglers to connect with nature and enjoy the art of fly fishing. 

In 2017, founder Lance Kittel made his first fly rod. That rod was the product of several months of YouTube videos on how to make rods at home. Lance made his own wrapping station, ripped apart an old microwave to make a rod dryer, and even made a makeshift lathe out of a cheap drill. These tools would take Pescavida from a neat side gig to mainstream media as Lance advanced the craft of making truly unique fly rods. 

Today, Pescavida represents the blending of time-honored materials with contemporary looks; our rods are built to last and look good doing it. Pescavida also offers products to elevate your angling experience -- comfortable, flowing clothing, fly tying tools and materials to tie today's top patterns, and merchandise that represents living the true "fish life". 

We're honored to offer products that are angler-approved without sacrificing colors and individuality. Whether you're a new angler learning how to roll cast or a global traveler chasing that next bucket list species, Pescavida provides you with the tools you need to catch that next best story. 

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