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Hey! I'm Lance.

I was raised on the front range of Colorado, and fishing has always been an integral part of my livelihood. I grew up fishing spin rods at lakes catching bluegill and bass with my grandpa -- some of my favorite memories were spent at a lake with him. I was introduced to fly fishing at 10 years old, and my dad fostered the days spent at mountain lakes casting at trout. Honestly, I don't even remember if I ever caught anything back then. But the moments, the places, and the memories will live with me for all of my days. 

I picked up my first fly tying bobbin around the same time, but only dabbled in tying flies until 2020. I found a ton of inspiration online and wanted to step up my game, so I dedicated countless hours watching tying videos, learning new techniques, and trying my best to learn my materials and tools. I share most of my fly tying content through Instagram and TikTok in hopes of reaching a global audience to help educate the next generation.

I began making fly rods in 2016 and fell into my own style after years of trial and error. I like to explore new materials and techniques that make my rods truly unique. My rods take a ton of time to make but I'm super stoked to share my work with you! 

Pescavida has been a ton of different things over the years, but my main focuses remain -- tying flies that catch fish, making rods that make those fish extra special, and helping others understand fly fishing. I still have a ton to learn, but hopefully you enjoy browsing my work. 

See you on the water.

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