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Round 3

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Who even knows what Pescavida is anymore.

I've been trying to figure that out for over 4 years now. How do you define something that doesn't even really exist? This... "project" has so many iterations, so many pieces, that even I don't know what the final product will look like. Think of assembling an Ikea kit with no instructions.

Before I jump too far down the rabbit hole, it's probably best to introduce myself. I'm a resident of Colorado and have been my entire life. A majority of my time is spent working in marine conservation which is a shockingly awesome job. My hobby time is consumed by fly fishing; tying flies, building rods, and even some time on the water if I'm lucky. I've been fortunate enough to fish some of the best water in the West, meet some of my life long friends along the way, and fish some of the world's most incredible water. It's a blessed life out here.

My disgustingly strong passion for fly fishing began in my youth; my pops introduced me to fly fishing and for a good part of grade school, I was the nerd learning to tie my first flies and learn about trout species. In fifth grade, I drew outlines of royal wulffs and adams dries on my notebooks. It's a bit wild to think back that far and realize that some interests can outlast time itself.

I have to admit that fishing completely disappeared from my radar until I was 23; the same year I met the woman who shamelessly continues to outfish me, even on the best days. Coincidentally, it was my wife who rekindled the fly fishing spark in me that was deep-rooted in my childhood explorations and education. If it wasn't for her, you wouldn't be reading this and I wouldn't be writing this. I owe so much to her.

Keep in mind, this is a personal collection of stories, photos, videos, and most importantly -- friendships. I appreciate you reading this story, but please don't take anything I say too personally or to heart. Think of this blog as an anecdote portraying my quest to learn as much as I can about shaking a long stick at some water. Most of the time, I don't catch fish. But you'll definitely know if I do.

There are a lot of folks who will come and go in these stories, and I wouldn't be able to write these words without them. I'm forever thankful for the friendships that fly fishing brings my way, and I hope my stories inspire you to seek out positivity, humbleness, and a deeper connection to the lands we call our own.

My current goal for Pescavida is to connect with you, provide perspectives on the itchy topics, and help conserve the world's fisheries through education and action. I'm combining my passions and experience to deliver both humor and knowledge in a fresh and relatable manner. I hope you enjoy the journey along the way.

So, what is Pescavida? It's a bunch of things, but most of all - it's a way of life. Let's live it together.

Fish on, my friends.


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